In terms of new businesses, we have witnessed a second “industrial revolution” in the past few years.
New businesses emerge daily with innovative ideas and the promise of great growth potentials, and many of them breach traditional product development procedures.
On seeing this new trend, we have decided to put our long experience and top-quality expertise in product development at the disposal of startup companies, in order to ensure our contribution to the successful market entry of innovative new products.

In view of the special requirements of startups, we have adjusted our operations as follows:

  • We are flexible: we are aware that the blueprints of a prototype may change every day. During the one off production we test the experimental product to see how the ideas of the product designer work out in reality; during this process it is not excuses that we search for, but offer suggestions in order to work out solutions.
  • We design and manufacture cost-effectively the machinery necessary for the manufacturing of the new product.
  • We assemble the final product and subject it to strict quality control.
  • Through our wide-ranging capacity and network in production technology, we provide extensive support for the manufacturing of one off machine parts (including plastic injection molding, laser cutting, electronic parts implanting, CNC cutting, etc.), and help in getting the final product reach the end-user in time.

We work in cooperation with several international partners in logistics and so we can always recommend the most suitable, cost-effective logistical solutions to our partners.

We are proud to have been chosen as their manufacturing partner by Hungary’s best-known startup company, Ringclock Ltd., to develop the required production technology and start mass manufacturing their products.

We hope to hear from you, too!